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Party at Scout's Nation

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January 2, 2023 · changed the group description.
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Welcome to Party at Scout's Flagship Group!

You can get party updates; leave comments; share pics, vids, fantasies and stories from G-XXX. No worries here, nobody is going to jail. You can start or join as many groups as you want. Just be sure you read the group rules so you avoid getting bounced.

First, add a decent profile pic, nothing fancy, just make an effort. Then add as many words and pics to your profile as you want.

Second, surf our whole website while you are here. Answers to most questions may be found on our website. There are tons of pics and testimonials; an About page; a Map/Hotels page; GPS directions; an FAQ page covering how to dress, food, alcohol, smoking policy, pics policy, age restrictions, overnight stays, times and all kinds of other info.

Third, subscribe to our How To Swing Newsletter when you get there. Get Invited To Parties. Get Tips, Ideas and Updates. Cancel at any time.

Once you decide to attend a Party at Scout's, go to our website and click RSVP.


Ray and Scout


Welcome to Party at Scout's Flagship Group! You can get p...


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