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Party at Scout's Nation

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This lovely goddess is coming back for another round at the glory hole at Scout’s!! (Off of room 3 at the top of the stairs). We will be there Saturday December 2 from 7-9:00pm-only!! She likes to be done early and we have a long drive!

She LOVES sucking dick and would rather they be lined up one after the other than to have to wait 30 minutes between. She wants you to be showered/clean, disease free and cum fast!! She said her favorites are the fastest ones! Feel free to cum early and then cum back 30-45 minutes later and cum again! Just know she shuts down at 9! Check out our profile for shots of previous adventures! Email us if you’re interested.

Our goal is 15+ dicks in 2 hours! Let’s make it happen!!

John  and Beth


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