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Hot Wife Night

Saturday, December 3, 2022.
7:00 pm to 2:00 am

Hot Wife



Confess to your "Hot Wife Hubbie" that you have fantasized about other men.

Give your HWH a handjob while you describe an old hook-up; make him masturbate for you while you watch and describe it.

Send your HWH naughty pics you didn't take at home.

Begin wearing an anklet.

While out with your HWH, point out men you would like to sleep with.

Flirt openly in front of your HWH.

Flirt openly when your HWH is not around, tell him about it afterwards.

Go to a club and dance provocatively with another man while your HWH watches.

With your HWH's help, create a profile on a dating app.

Begin chatting with other men on a dating site.

Send another man a pic with your HWH's knowledge.

Have your HWH help you pick out new, sexy clothes and/or lingerie you could wear for other men.

Carry a condom in your pur
se. Let your HWH know you carry it, just in case.


The "Hot Wife Hubbie" gets a kick watching his Hot Wife having sex with another man or woman. He either joins in or watches as a "voyeur."

The "Hotwife" has sex with ther men or women with the encouragement of

her "Hot Wife Hubbie."

A "Hot Wife" does not degrade or humiliate her "Hot Wife Hubbie."

Instead she uses her play to turn him on.

"Hot Wife Hubbie." A man who likes to share and show off his "Hot Wife."  It turns him on to see her receive pleasure.

Hot Wife Couples,  Cuckold Couples, Stag & Vixen Couples, Cougars, MILF’s, SMILF's and all the cock or pussy they want.

Voyeurs and Exhibitionists are welcome.

Watching and being watched is fun too.

To make this event a success, we actually WANT lots of hot, sexy single guys, so....if you know a hot couple or hot single guy that is not on any sites, tell them they are invited and pass this info on to them.

Hot Wives, Vixens, Attached Girls, Single Girls: Wear Sexy Club Wear
Hot Wife Hubbies, Stags and Attached Guys:
Wear a White Shirt
Single Guys "Bulls:"
Wear a Black Shirt.

Hot Wife Night

Saturday, December 3, 2022.
7:00 pm to 2:00 am



When you,
submit your RSVP,
we will send your Invitation,
with prices,
and all kinds of other info.

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