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Join date: Dec 10, 2020


Him: Bi-Curious, 58, 6'2", 179lbs

Her: Bi, 58, 5'5", 100lbs

Location: Roanoke, VA


We're not looking for Ken and Barbie - they don't have any genitals! 😀


We are a couple who have found each other a little late in life and we are making up for lost time. We love and trust each other, as we have never been able to before with anybody else. Both of us fully embrace our sexuality and enjoy exploring it openly together. We are about as laid back and drama free as they come. The two of us met years ago during a threesome so enjoying others together, comes naturally for us.

Jealousy has never been an emotion we have had to deal with.

Enjoying our time with others has brought us even closer together as a couple.

We have been in the LS for 5+ years. We consider ourselves experienced but far from experts.

We value quality over quantity. (There are already enough notches on our belt.)

She tends to be submissive with men but is more dominate when with a woman she is attracted to. She enjoys it soft, gentle and slow but also really enjoys it hard, rough and fast too.

He gets most turned on watching her enjoy herself with others. He will also participate and enjoy the experience with her and the right women, male or couple, when wanted. He is Bi-Curious which in this case means that he is fine with male-on-male fondling and oral. But this is not an expectation or a requirement to play.


Party at Scouts Events

Our first evet at Scout's was the 2021 Memorial Day weekend. We tent camped onsite. The weather didn't cooperate till Monday but the parties were great and the new friends we made are awesome.

We attended the 4th of July weekend 2021 and it was even better than our first vist to Scouts.

Looking forward to meeting all of you fun people soon.


Stag & Vixen Couple: Stags get a kick watching their wife having sex with another man or woman. He either joins in or watches as a 'voyeur'. The Vixen, also known as 'Hotwife', has sex with the other man or woman with the encouragement of her husband.


Pics of Kitten


Pics of Wolf



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Wolf and Kitten VA

Hot Wife
Bi Couple
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