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The Most Diverse Place on Earth™
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Party Update

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Mothers I'd Like To Fuck.

Saturdy, April 27


RSVP Slut Soiree & Gangbang™

Shamelessly  Sex-Charged


Everybody Fucks Soembody

Wednesday, April 24

​​ 7-2

RSVP Swinkster Social

Swingers $ Kinksters

Playing Together

We Welcome Everybody

Friday, April 26


RSVP Cinco De Mayo

Party Like You Just Got Amnesty

Saturdy, May 4, 7-2

Our Parties Are Posted 

Through Sunday, September 29, 2024

Don't bitch if you wait 'til the last minute.

Don't bitch if you don't read it.

Nude Sun Worshiping

Slut Soiree Wednesdays

Swinkster Social Fridays

Fetish Friday 2nd Friday

Summer Saturdays

Fall/Winter Saturdays

We  Never Cancel Once Posted.




Sex, Nudity, Fun, 

Friends and Fucking.

Lots of Fucking!

Memorial Playcation

4th of July Playcation

Tramp Camp VII

2nd Friday

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  • Party Times

  • Wednesdays: 7p-2a

  • Fridays: 7p to 2a. 

  • Saturdays: 7p to 2a. 

  • Nude Sun Worshiping: Wed-Sun. Noon-6


Slut Soiree & Gangbang

Shamelessly Sex-Charged


Everybody Fucks Somebody

Every Wednesday

7p - 2a.


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Celebrate Your

Birthday,  Anniversary or Divorce Here 

Invite your friends 

Get your favorite gift ;-)

Schedule Now

Send us an email





Circa, May, 2024



Amazing and Beautful 

Static or Dynamic

Heavy Duty

330 lb Capacity

For Guys & Girls

Alternative Lifestyle People

Cum, Try It Out

Future Party

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Future Party

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Future Party

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Future Party

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"Sexcellent" Playcations™

Sex, Nudity, Fun, Friends and Fucking.

Lots of Fucking! 

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RSVP Promisquity 

Friday, April 19


Sunday, April 21

Promisquity Playcation

RSVP Memorial Weekend 

Friday, May 24


Memorial Day, May 27

Memorial Playcation

RSVP 4th of Weekend  

Wednesday, July 3


Sunday, July 7

4th of July Playcation

RSVP Tramp Camp VII  

Friday, July 26


Sunday, July 28

Tramp Camp VII

What People Are Saying

Attended my first sun worship event at scouts. Everyone was warm and welcoming felt like we were all old friends. Thanks for the hospitality cant wait to attend again. ~Tony

We went to Scouts for the first time last night. What a terrific facility. It is by far the cleanest most comfortable club we have been to so far. Ray and Scout have a real gem in southwestern PA. We had such a great time!!!! We cannot wait to go back. We highly recommend Party at Scouts for a great night. Thanks Ray.

I thought I had been to a swing party or two until I Partied at Scout's. I'm not sure how to describe the venue other than "the place to party." There's "privacy" if you want it & plenty of space if you want to show off. I'm a bit shy about striking up a conversation which inhibits my sex life a lot but the partiers at Scouts made me feel right at home- great bunch of folks!

DJ's Island

The Most Elegant and Classy Swing Club Your Eyes Have Ever Glimpsed.

DJ's Island 

Ray & Scout Wow, what can we say, but thank you both for sticking with it and creating the best place to relax and be yourself! We've attended multiple parties of all types at Party at Scout's and have to say, each one we go to gets better and better. We've made it to 3 Bullpen parties now and this last one topped the cake! It was so highly sexually charged, that it became one of our most memorable nights ever. Our only regret is, that there is not going to be another Bullpen party this year. Thanks again, it's a special place, ~Lookin4spice277


I love Scouts because the atmosphere is very relaxed. Awesome, fun people. I have had a great time every time we came (no pun intended)


It's a weekly escape for us. we get to be who we really are and not judged for it. And because the best time you ever had could happen the week after you had the best time ever. ~RH & NC

This one statement sums it up for me... I live for Saturday at Scout's... as a matter of fact it makes it hard to go on vacation. ~N.C.M.

We've been to other parties. Scouts has been the best. Everyone seems like great people and we plan on coming back many more times. Not really interested going back to the others.


We love scouts. It's such a comfortable atmosphere. Great people. We have a few places closer to home, but we'd rather make the 3 1/2 hour drive to scouts. You guys are doing every thing right. ~H.G.

If I was a football player who just won the Super Bowl, when they ask me "Where are you going now that you won the Super Bowl?" I would say "Fuck Disney I'm going to Scouts." I can't explain how cool of a place it is to hangout.  We've made our best friends in life there. It's the Greatest Show on Earth in my mind. When the week comes to an end, I get butterflies in my stomach knowing we're all gonna hangout and another Saturday night of total fun.  If you've never been to a Party at Scouts you're missing out. ~J.D.

Went to Scout's for the first time Memorial Weekend. Had a great time. Love the facility. They took the best parts of an on-premises club and blended it with the best elements of a house party. Plenty of places to play but (more importantly) even more places to comfortably carry on a four-way conversation. Plus, the hosts (Ray and Scout) are great. They made us feel welcome and were fun to talk to. We look forward to returning.

If we have to pick one thing it's the people. We have met and made some great friends there. Not to copy what others have said, but it's comfortable and homey. It's laid back and relaxing one minute and wild and crazy the next ~M.G.

We traveled 620 miles to get to Scout’s from Wisconsin and it was worth every mile. They are the smartest business people that I have ever encountered in the LS. The moment we signed up for their party we were contacted by several of their people, welcoming us to their facility, giving us info on hotels and one even gave their phone number if we needed any help. This was amazing. There are so many people out here who promote venues but totally forget the human touch, they could learn a thing or two from Scout’s. I have been places where I looked the owner’s dead in the face and not so much as a hello. Not the case here! They were so friendly that I felt like I belonged there before I even got there. But now you add this on top of the fact that their facility is absolutely breath taking, located in a beautiful country setting with high rolling hills. The staff was very engaging with the guests, the food was great and the patrons were good looking and friendly. We were here for the pool party and the lingerie party. We have traveled many places and Scout’s is hands down, by far  the best we have visited. Scout’s is like an iconic LS landmark that you need to check out in your swinging journey. We will be back for our yearly pilgrimage : )


We have been to a lot of places and done a lot of fun things on our bucket list but WOW......Party at Scouts is way cool. Such a great place with everything you could possibly want. Spacious, clean, well equipped, great themes but mostly great people! Fun, cool, unpretentious people that know how this works and know how to create a HOT time. We will be back and encourage other hot, fun people to check it Rocks!

I love the relaxing atmosphere and all the fawsome people we've met. Since our first time, I've always felt welcome and comfortable. It's great to go out and actually be yourself....and everyone's OK with that. ~Heather S.


It feels like home and I love the people I have become friends with.  ~P.B.

Ray and Scout. Where do we start. First of all your place was absolutely beautiful. I can only imagine how pretty it is in the summer. The people we met including yourself was very nice and welcoming. (This was a nice change) We have been to a few places that the people were not so friendly and it wasn't a very good time. That certainly wasn't the case Saturday night. So I must say that our experience was AMAZING already planning to come again. I definitely will share our experience to our friends who have never been there before and encourage them to come with us the next time. Hopefully soon. Thank you again for the invitation and hope to be a repeat customer. ~T&L

When I think about scouts, I think about friends, fun, and fucking. Lots of  fucking!  


But seriously, what can I say? It is a great place to be. A very calming, relaxing atmosphere where you can let loose and be who you really are. ~W & A

We just wanted to thank Ray and of course Scout for opening your doors to us. We had such a great time. We didn’t know what to expect when we got there but we didn’t expect to be welcomed so warmly by all. You truly do have a wonderful place and everyone is so respectful of each other. The place was VERY clean and well taken care of. If we had only known before hand how things were there, we would have been there sooner. We cannot wait to come back again! I would definitely recommend the “Scout’s experience” to all my friends. If you haven’t been here, you are missing out! Thanks again. ~Just4fun13132977

Only party where you're greeted by Ray, the owner, right at the door. Then through out the night he comes around and talks to everyone. No other party I've been to does that. I wish I could come there more. Fact is its the best party around. ~T.V.P.

Ray and Scout gave me such a warm welcome and friendly hospitality. I had a very nice time. Scout's is beautiful and I fell in love with the place the minute I pulled up. Although I was extremely nervous when I arrived, their warm welcome and a talk with Ray helped to calm my nerves quickly. I had the chance to meet some very nice people. I felt comfortable and happy and, probably most important, looking forward to my next visit to Scout's! Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you all the incredibly great people at Scout's again.

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