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 Most simple questions are answered below. If you have a questions not covered below,

send us an email.


How should we dress?

From casual and comfy to breathtaking, or even nude.


Clothing is optional when you Party at Scout's.


Sexy clubwear is encouraged for both sexes. "Bring your A-game" is a good mantra. NO high-top or dirty sneakers. NO work boots. NO sweats or running suits. NO ball caps. NO bandannas or doo-rags. Dress jeans are acceptable. Collared shirts are preferred. Dress body tees are okay. Tee shirts with offensive slogans are not okay. Leather and fetish wear is acceptable. 


Dress to impress is a good idea. 


Do you serve food?

No. People don't come here to eat. 


Do you serve alcohol?

No. BYOB. We provide ice, mixers, soft drinks and spring water. 


What is your smoking policy?

Outside. We even built a huge deck with a fire pit, just for the smokers. It's great place to hang out


Are there any age restrictions?



Can we take pics or vids during a party?

Not out in the middle of the party. Generally, swingers don't want cameras pointed at them. 

That said, you can go into any  room, close the door and shoot pics or video as much as you want. 


We are new. Do we have to participate?

Of course not. Voyeurs are welcome. Lots of folks visit just for the casual, relaxed, no-pressure, safe, sane and sexy atmosphere.


Can we stay overnight?

Yes. Inside or outside; it's all the same.  First come, first serve. We have 16 full size beds, 1 king size bed, 6 sectional sofas and lots of floor space. We have tons of blankets,  pillows and bedding; all available when the party is over.  This is not a hotel. This is not a campground.


This is "dui insurance" (so you do not have to be on the road at 2:00 after drinking. Get it?)


What is your single male policy?

We limit single males to 1 single male for every 10 couples. Not to worry though, only 1 in 10 of the single males who sign up, actually show up. Experience tells us they are cheap, chicken and intimidated by swinger girls. They make reservations, then fail to show. If you are a single male and this does not describe you...prove it.


Is there a membership fee?

No.  This is not a club.


Are there people our age?

We have 20 somethings, 30 somethings, 40 somethings, 50 somethings, 60 somethings and 70 somethings. If you are between 21 and 70, you can find people your age. Scout's is "The Most Diverse Place on Earth™."


When do you have parties? What days? What hours? 




Doors Open at 6:45 pm.

Party Starts at 7:00 pm.

Party is over 2:00 am.

Quiet Time is from 2:00 am until 9:00 am.


Is Scout's handicapped accessible?

Yes. The upper level is at ground level, easy access from the parking lot. The lower level is accessible too, but it is through grass and a little challenging, even difficult with snow on the ground. There are steps between the upper and lower level.


Is there a chance Scout's would close because of weather??

No. We NEVER Cancel a party once scheduled and posted.


What if I submitted an RSVP, but did not get a SINvitation?

Check your spam folder. We usually send Sinvitations the day they are received. If your SINvitation is not there, send another RSVP.


I sent an email, why didn't I get a response?
One of several things: The question has been answered somewhere on You asked the same question repeatedly. The question has be asked and answered in Party at Scout's: Groups. You failed to surf and/or this FAQ page.


Do I have to submit an RSVP to attend a Party at Scout's?


Do I have to wear a wristband when I Party at Scout's?
Yes, unless you want us to ask you to leave.


What happens if a person gets caught trying to "Tonk?"
Banned for life.


What happens if a person gets involed in a "Conspiracy To Tonk?"
...thats another story." (if Ihave to explan, you wouldn't understand.) 


How long have swinger parties been held at this venue?
39 years, circa, 1985.


Can you provide a phone number?

Apologies, we do NOT offer phone support.


How many people show up at your parties?

Apologies, THAT is impossible to predict.

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