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Couples seeking singles girls for fun

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Pgh Couple
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Chris Haddix

We cannot apologize enough. Glitch slipped in the mud last night walking the dog and pulled a back muscle. We have medicated her like crazy, but she just can’t bend down, which makes a glory hole too difficult and painful for her.

We are so sorry. We will not be at Scout’s tonight. We have been looking forward to this for weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will post when she will reschedule.

Chris Haddix
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She is looking forward to sucking dick at the Scout’s glory hole tomorrow night (12/2) at the Hot Wife party!! She will only be there between 7-9pm. Be clean and disease free and be there between 7-9pm! Please knock on the wall before cumming.

We LOVE couples. Bring him by the glory hole before the party. Look into his eyes while my wife makes him cum! SO SEXY!!

We are looking forward to a good turnout.


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