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Attend 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or all 6 parties.

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Memorial Day

An American Swinger 



3 Nights . 2 Evening Parties.

4 Nude Sun Worshiping Parties.

Save 31%

Party at Scout's

the Whole Weekend


Poster Memorial Weekend - Made with Post

Weekend Schedule

Check-In 11:00 am
Friday, May 28, 2020
Time to eat, relax, fuck (if you get the urge,)
nap (if you want,) hangout at poolside
and prepare for another
"Memorial Day Weekend."

Check-Out 6:00 pm 
Memorial Day, May 31, 2021
Time to sleep-in, have morning sex and breakfast, relax, then shower and dress for the long trip home :-(

Here's the low-down

Nude Sun Worshiping

Friday, May 28, Noon To 6 pm

Saturday, May 29, Noon To 6 pm

Sunday, May 30, Noon To 6 pm

Monday, May 31, Noon To 6 pm


No need to RSVP. 

Just Show Up.

Poster Nude Sun Worhsiping - Made with P

Swinkster Social
Friday, May 28, 2021
7 pm to 2 am

Saturday B4 Memorial Day

Saturday, May 29, 2021

7 pm to 2 am

$75/couple. $20/female. $100/male.



$50/overnight inside or outside.

This is not a hotel

(we call it "dui insurance.")

See FAQ 9) Can we stay overnight?

Whole Weekend Package When Paid in Full In Advance*

$295/couple. $195/female. $295/male.

*Whole Weekend Package Includes:

3 overnight stays (inside or outside.)  

2 Evening Parties.

4 Nude Sun Worshiping Parties. 

*Must be paid in full in advance to get the discount pricing shown above under Whole Weekend Package.

Retail prices apply when paid at the door. 

Email Us for instructions on

how to make your advance payment.


Staycation Weekends Are "Premium" Parties

Staycation Weekends are posted way in advance so you have plenty of time to make your advance payment and get the "advance payment" discount. 

Please don't bitch If you wait until the last minute.


Buy Your Staycation Ticket at an Earlier 

Party at Scout's

No Membership. This is not a club.

CASH ONLY at the Door

How To Book Your Reservation

Memorial Day

An American Swingers Weekend



When the RSVP page/window opens:

  1.  Fill in the form with your name, phone, email and SLS/Fetlife name (if you have one.)

  2. In the Party Date section type "5/28 - 5/31." 

  3. In the Suggestions section type  "Couple or Female or Male For Memorial Day Weekend"

  4. Click RSVP to submit your reservation.

  5.  We will reply with your invitation, confirmation and further instructions.