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Scout's "Sexcellent" Playcations™

Sex, Nudity, Fun, Friends and Fucking.
Lots of Fucking!

Weekend Update

Attend 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5 parties.

Tramp  Camp VII

A Dirty Little Weekend

2 Nights . 2 Evening Parties.

3 Nude Sun Worshiping Parties.

Save 34%

Party at Scout's

the Whole Weekend


Poster Tramp Camp - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

Weekend Schedule

Check-In 11:00 am
Friday, July 26, 2024
Time to eat, relax, fuck (if you get the urge,)
nap (if you want,) hangout at poolside
and prepare for another
"Dirty Little Weekend."

Check-Out 6:00 pm 
Sunday, July 28, 2024
Time to sleep-in, have morning 0 and  relax, then shower and dress for the long trip home :-(

Here's the low-down

Nude Sun Worshiping
Friday, July 26, Noon To 6 pm
Saturday, July 27, Noon To 6 pm
Sunday, July 28, Noon To 6 pm
No need to RSVP. 
Just Show Up.

Poster Nude Sun Worhsiping - Made with PosterMyWall (2).jpg

Leather & Lace

Friday, July 26
7 pm to 2 am

Poster Leather  Lace - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg

Kinks & Kravings
Saturday, July 27
7 pm to 2 am

Copy of interracial - Made with PosterMyWall (2).jpg


This is not a hotel.

It's "dui insurance."

FAQ 9)

Whole Weekend Package Includes:

2 overnight stays (inside or outside)  

2 Evening Parties

3 Nude Sun Worshiping Parties. 


1.) Bring Your Own Towel.

2.) Playcation™ Weekends

Are "Premium" Parties

3.) Playcation™ Weekends

are posted way in advance.

Don't bitch

If you wait until the last minute.


Buy Your Playcation™ Ticket

at an Earlier 

Party at Scout's

(This is clearlythe best way.)

No Membership.

​This is not a club.

It's a Party at Scout's.

Feel me?

Cash Only

at the Door

Campers, Motorhomes and Tents

Always Welcome.

This is not a campground

(it's our backyard.)

No Waste or Water Facilities For Campers.

Bring Your Own Generator or

"plug-in" for $10/day.

We Welcome Everybody.

Swingers, Kinksters, Nudists,

LGBTQ, Poly,

Couples, Females, Males;

All Alternative Lifestyle People.

Book Your Reservation 

Tramp Camp Playcation™


When you,
submit your RSVP,​
we will send your Invitation,
with prices,
and all kinds of info.

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