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Join date: Nov 8, 2023



My name is Amanda (bi) and 34 years old. I am happily taken, by my handsome man, Tyler (straight) who is 38 years old.

I am new to the lifestyle, but I have had an interest in it for years. I'm just finally now getting the opportunity to join in on the fun 😈😈

Currently we are interested in having some fun, beautiful ladies join in with us, during playtime. 🤤 MFF is our ideal situation, however we are not completely opposed to having a couple join us, if the situation works and we all vibe well together.

If you'd like to have some fun, come find us and say hi😁😘 if you prefer to just sit back and watch, we're all about that too. Pull up a seat and watch us have our fun🥵😈💦


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