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Post your glowing testimonial here. Nothing fancy, just a sentence or two, or more if you get the urge. Tell the Members what you love when you Party at Scout's. And advance.

Btw, always add your "sig" file, like this:


I’m planning on coming there Friday night and see if anything happens. Hopefully I can get to know some people better and see what happens this time.

I was there last night for the first time. I was met by some great people and showed around the place. I think the place is very friendly and welcoming. I think that as time goes on I will go back and hopefully will make a few friends there. I’m a single man so I know that is harder to actually be excepted in the every time experience. So I will go back and try again. Definitely wasn’t expecting anything and I now know what to expect the next time. Great ,clean,friendly place. @Keith


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We went to Scout’s Halloween party as our first trip. We were not disappointed! We had the time of our lives. We felt comfortable from the time we entered the door and Jackie gave us our tour. Ray the owner made sure to introduce himself and let us know that all he wanted us to do was have fun and enjoy ourselves. Everyone was nice, respectful, and made us feel like we were old friends meeting up like we do every weekend. Definitely can’t wait to come again.



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